Our Mission

For most people, the legal system can be frightening. As a lawyer, my job is to not only represent and advise my clients, but to guide them through what is often a challenging process. I’ve spent my entire career in court litigating some of the toughest cases in state and federal court. When I take your case, I take your cause. Every case is important to me and I treat each one as my highest priority. There are a lot of law firms that look for quick plea deals and settlements and turn over a high volume of cases every year, failing to get the best results for their clients. I prepare every case as if it were going to trial, ensuring that you are provided with the highest quality of legal representation and your best interests are represented.

Injustice Facts:


Exonerated From Prison Since 1989


Spent On Police Misconduct Lawsuits Over Last Decade


Shot & Killed By Police Annually

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