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The City of Chicago and the Chicago Police Department revised its policy on how officers conduct search warrants. This comes after bodycam video released last year showed police entering social worker Anjanette Young’s home and handcuffing her as she stood naked. Police had the wrong home and humiliated Young and violated her civil rights even after knowing that they had made a mistake.

The new policy calls for more supervisory review of warrants and also requires a female officer to be present during search warrant executions.

Only time will tell if this new change will bring about reform in how the Chicago Police Department conducts search warrants or if Chicago will continue its long record of brutalizing Black and Brown citizens and acting like nothing’s wrong. The Chicago Police Department is constantly coming up with new policies that are supposed to address calls for police reform. Yet, Black and Brown Chicagoans continue to suffer violence and unconstitutional wrongs at the hand of police.

If you’ve been the victim of police brutality or misconduct, speak to an attorney and get justice.

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