Civil Rights

Your Rights Matter

Police are a vital part of our society and we entrust them with great power and authority. The majority of police officers do their jobs professionally and serve the community. However, the police are not above the law and at times they abuse their authority. When they do, the law says you can hold them accountable by filing a civil rights lawsuit to seek recovery for the harm they caused. Cities like Chicago often don’t want to pay someone who was wronged by the police and instead fight the lawsuits aggressively. However, as an experienced Civil Rights and police misconduct attorney, I know how to fight them to get you the justice you deserve.

As a former Senior Counsel for the City of Chicago’s Law Department, I represented the City in complex and high profile multi-million dollar Civil Rights and police misconduct cases in state and federal court. I’ve litigated over 100 of these cases. I’ve handled cases of excessive force and police brutality, unlawful seizures, wrongful conviction, false arrest, malicious prosecution, wrongful death, shootings, tasings, and death in custody cases. 

Fight For Justice With An Experienced Police Misconduct Attorney

If you’ve been the victim of a Civil Rights violation, you need a police misconduct and Civil Rights attorney who knows how to fight for your rights to get you the recovery and just compensation you deserve. Let me put my years of civil rights litigation experience to work for you as we right the injustice done to you or your loved one. 

Choose an experienced Chicago police brutality and misconduct attorney who knows how to get you the justice you deserve. 

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