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Chicago has a long history of falsely arresting Black citizens and sending them to prison for crimes they didn’t commit. If you thought those times were long gone, think again.

Ronald Watts is a disgraced former Chicago Police Sergeant. Watts and his crew framed over 150 Black people for weapons and drug charges. So far over 130 of his cases have been thrown out. His victims have spent over 250 years in prison. And there are countless more of his victims who are still in prison.  

The City of Chicago’s response to the horrors that Watts inflicted on Black citizens is the same as it was with Burge. Watts’ victims have filed over 70 civil rights lawsuits against. And the City of Chicago has defended these lawsuits. Many of the officers who framed Black people with Watts are still on the police force to this day.

Get justice if you’ve been the victim of police brutality or misconduct. Speak to an experienced Chicago civil rights attorneys today.

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